Wanted: Resident Representatives

The Providence Housing Authority (PHA) is looking for resident representatives from each of our public housing developments and leased housing programs to serve on our Resident Advisory Board (RAB) and Board of Commissioners (BoC).

What does a Representative do?

Resident Representatives assist the PHA in planning and guiding the agency’s work.  They serve on the RAB and/or BoC in an advisory capacity.  Primarily, Representatives give feedback and assist in planning that helps the agency set and reach its goals.  Above all, Resident Representatives are the voice of PHA residents and an integral part of the agency’s operation.


Board of Commissioners

There are three (3) positions reserved on the BoC for resident representatives.  Residents are asked to express interest in serving on the BoC each year.  The PHA submits this list to the Mayor’s office annually.  The Mayor  appoints new members of the BoC at his/her discretion.  Currently, all resident seats are filled but the Mayor may appoint new representatives from the list of interested residents should a vacancy arise.  Resident Representatives on the BoC serve a five (5) year term.  You can learn more about the Board of Commissioners here.

Resident Advisory Board

There are three (3) positions on the RAB for each public housing development in the PHA portfolio and an additional three (3) spots available to voucher holders from our Section 8 programs.  Developments with resident associations are represented on the RAB by the president of the association and have two (2) additional seats at the table for other resident representatives. Members receive a small stipend for their time, and the PHA offers transportation to and from meetings. The Board meets monthly from September through June with additional meetings scheduled as needed or requested by the RAB members.

How do I become a Resident Representative?

Becoming a Resident Representative is easy!  To qualify, you must be at least 18 years old and in good standing with the PHA.  That means you may not have any pending lease violations.

Starting on Monday, July 8, 2019, residents can obtain a Nomination Form from the Management Office at their development.  You must complete the form and have at least fifteen (15) residents and neighbors sign the nomination.  These members must also be in good standing with the PHA and have no outstanding violations in order to count as valid signatures.  Once completed, you return the nomination form to the Management Office.

All Nomination Forms are due back to the Management Office by Friday July 16, 2019 at 4pm.

In the event that more than three (3) residents at a development submit completed Nomination Forms, the PHA will host an election. In those instances, the three (3) residents with the highest number of votes will serve as the development’s resident representative.

What if I have questions?

If you have questions about the nomination process, the Board of Commissioners, or Resident Advisory Board, please contact Angela Salavarrieta in the Office of Strategy and Development at 401-709-1134 or Angela@ProvHousing.org.

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