The Providence Housing Authority (PHA) does not discriminate against applicants, residents, or program participants on the basis of physical or mental disabilities.  In addition, the PHA has an obligation to provide “reasonable accommodations” and “reasonable modifications” on account of a disability if an applicant, resident, program participant or a household member is limited by the disability and for this reason needs such an accommodation or modification.

A reasonable accommodation is a change that the PHA can make to its rules, policies, practices, or services, and a reasonable modification is a change the PHA can make to its facilities (including physical alterations to the housing unit or public or common use areas) that will assist an otherwise eligible person with a disability to have equal opportunity to use and enjoy the housing or common or public use areas or to participate fully in the PHA’s programs, activities, or services.

If you or a member of your household has a mental and/or physical disability, and as a result needs an accommodation or modification, you, the household member, or authorized representative, may request it at any time.

If you need an accommodation or modification because of a disability, please complete a request for a reasonable accommodation form (Reasonable-Accommodation form) and return it to the PHA.  Alternatively, public housing residents may contact their property management office, Section 8 participants may contact the Senior Program Representative, and applicants for public housing or Section 8 may contact the Tenant Selection Admissions Manager.  The information for these contacts follows in the chart below.


Development Property Manager E-Mail Phone Number
Admiral Terrace Alexandra Mendez (401) 709-4801
Carroll Tower Alexandra Mendez (401) 709-1851
Chad Brown Alexandra Mendez (401) 709-4801
Codding Court Liz Perreault (401) 709-1841
Dexter Manor Lori Lovelace (401) 709-1205
Dominica Manor Lori Lovelace (401) 709-1831
Hartford Park Linette Evora (401) 709-2801
Kilmartin Plaza Lori Lovelace (401) 709-1822
Manton Heights Monique Hazard (401) 709-3801
Parenti Villa Monique Hazard (401) 709-1710
Roger Williams Liz Perreault (401) 709-1841
Sunset Village Alexandra Mendez (401) 709-4801
Scattered Sites Liz Perreault (401) 709-1841
Program Contact Person E-Mail Phone Number
Public Housing or Section 8 Applicants Michelle Rocchio (401) 709-1301
Section 8 Participants Yvonne Perez (401) 709-1602

Upon receipt of a request by the PHA, applicants, residents, and program participants may also need to submit documentation verifying the existence of a disability and the disability-related need for the accommodation or modification. Within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of a request and requested supporting documentation, the PHA will contact you to discuss what the PHA can reasonably do to provide you or a household member with an accommodation or modification on account of your disability.