The Providence Community Opportunity Corporation (PCOC) is a nonprofit affiliate of the Providence Housing Authority (PHA). The PCOC’s mission is to provide and maintain high standards of living through programs and services that promote self-sufficiency, economic independence, educational opportunities, as well as enhance and enrich the quality of life for the public housing and Section 8 residents of the PHA. The PCOC actively seeks grants and contributions each year to ensure the existence of programs and services for PHA residents. The PHA collects funds for the PCOC through employee contributions, restricted grant funding and private funds.


The PCOC continues to play a vital role in the success of resident programs, activities, and services which are delivered through effective program development among PHA staff and creative partnerships with various organizations. The programs and events funded by the PCOC include catered, holiday parties at the six high-rises, authority-wide Annual Fire Safety & Prevention Training, and supplies for various community computer labs. There were also various grant funded activities and events which benefited the residents that were carried out which are detailed later in this report.

PCOC Board of Directors

Nicholas Retsinas, President

Thomas Ryan, Vice President

Linda R. Poole, Treasurer

Peter Asen, Secretary

Jessica Cigna, Director

Lawrence D’Alfonso, Director

Roger Giraud, Director

Melissa Sanzaro, Director