The Leased Housing Department, more commonly referred to as Section 8, offers rental assistance to over 2,600 participants. Rental assistance programs under this umbrella include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

  • Housing Choice Voucher (HCV)
  • Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH)
  • Project Based Vouchers (PBV)
  • Mainstream Vouchers (MSV)
  • Moderate Rehabilitation Program (Mod-Rehab)

Our Leased Housing staff is experienced and knowledgeable with an average of 19.5 years employed at the PHA and an average of 15 years within the department.  They provide services to over 2,600 participants in our rental assistance programs.  They also manage the PHA wait list, last opened in 2016, which has over 1,500 names on it.  Our Leased Housing team earned the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) designation of High Performers for its management of the Section 8 Programs in 2002 and maintains that status.

While the need for rental assistance is great, our actual program size fluctuates depending on HUD’s funding budget.  The PHA takes advantage of as many opportunities as possible to serve those in the program and those waiting for rental assistance while providing the highest levels of customer service possible.

To learn more about the application process and eligibility requirements for tenants, click here.

Section 8 FAQ's

How do I notify the PHA if I have a change in my income?

You must provide PHA with written notice of your change income.  You may do this by faxing a letter to your Program Representative at (401) 709-1902 or delivering a letter addressed to your Program Representative to the Administrative Offices drop box at 100 Broad Street.  Be sure to follow-up by calling your Program Representative to make certain your letter was received.


Why is reporting all my income and any changes so important?

The amount of rental assistance you receive is determined by your income and that of all members of your household.  If you are not reporting all household income, you are receiving more subsidy than the amount for which you are eligible.  Failing to report income within 10 days of starting to receive it is considered fraud and could jeopardize your continued participation in the voucher program and potentially be considered a crime. 

Moving & Portability

Are you a current Housing Choice Voucher (HCV or “Section 8) program participant interested in moving? Read on to learn more about the process of moving into or out of Providence.


Please note that until you move, you must continue to pay rent to your current landlord. Your security deposit will not count as your last month’s rent to your landlord and nonpayment of rent may cause a delay in your transfer.

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