Below you will find some of the PHA’s most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our public housing.  New questions are added as they arise, so check back regularly!

Am I eligible for public housing?

In order to be eligible for public housing, your income must be less than 80% of the area median income provided to the PHA by HUD. Final determination of income is reviewed once all third party verification have been received. The income limits can be found on this link or in the chart provided. HUD’s income guidelines change each year.


Program  Limit Level Persons in Household
Area Median Income (AMI): $112,400 1 2 3 4 5
Public Housing Limits Low (80% AMI) $62,950 $71,950 $80,950 $89,900 $97,100

In addition to income, household composition will dictate how large a unit you will qualify for with the PHA.  There are also criteria such as age and ability to qualify for our elderly only and elderly/disabled units. Restrictions at our high rises include:

How much will I pay for rent?

Rent is calculated according to Federal Regulations, limiting payment to 30% of adjusted household income.

What if I am denied housing?

You will receive a reason for the denial in writing and can request an informal conference within 14 days to discuss the denial.

What if I turn down the unit offered to me?

You may turn down the 1st unit offered to you and remain at the top of the list. If you turn down the 2nd unit offered to you, you will be removed from the wait list. Once removed, you would have to reapply and start again.

What if a member of my household has a criminal history?

The PHA conducts a 5 year look back at criminal convictions for all household members and they do not consider misdemeanors when making housing decisions. If you receive a written denial because of criminal history, you may request an informal conference within 14 days to discuss the denial and ask for reconsideration.

What amenities does the PHA offer residents living in public housing?

Aside from a wealth of physical amenities at each site such as community rooms, open green space, laundry, and exercise facilities, the PHA offers a wealth of on-site services.  Whether you are a young family starting out or an elderly person aging in place, the PHA Resident Services Department has the staff and tools to assist you. Examples of available services include:

  • Wellness: Violence prevention and victim’s assistance, addiction counseling and prevention, exercise classes, meditation, healthy food access and much more!
  • Youth: On-site Boys and Girls Club programs at Hartford Park, Manton Heights, and Chad Brown, on-site childcare with Headstart or the Boys and Girls Club at Hartford Park and Manton Heights, youth/police mentoring, college and career prep services and much more!
  • Self-Sufficiency: GED, English Language, computer training, career and vocational training/coaching, financial and credit counseling, home ownership prep and much more!
  • Safety & Security: Security through the Providence Police Public Housing Unit and PHA Security Department, keyless entry, lighting, cameras and other security features at all PHA properties.