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Reasonable Accommodation

In general, an accommodation is any change in PHA policies or procedures that would enable an individual with a disability to enjoy equal housing opportunities.  To request a reasonable accommodation, please use the following form: Request for Reasonable Accommodation.

The Application Process

There are several steps in the PHA Public Housing application process, as outlined below.


Submit an Application:

As of August 15, 2023, the PHA is accepting
applications via their online application portal for studio apartments (single
person households ages 50 and older), one-bedroom apartments (elderly and/or
disabled), two to seven-bedroom apartments (family units).

You can apply at

Our Section 8 voucher waitlist remains open at


Receipt Confirmation:

Applicant receives a confirmation email stating the application date, bedroom size, and expected time on the wait list.  Please note that these times are only estimates.



Screening & Verification:

When you are nearing the top of the list, the PHA will begin the screening process.  They begin by looking at household income to see if it falls within HUD’s income limits.  Limits, updated annually, are based on the area median income for the Providence Metro Area; 2024 limits are found on the chart.

Program  Limit Level Persons in Household
Area Median Income (AMI):  $112,400


2 3 4 5




Public Housing Limits Low (80%) $62,950 $71,950 $80,950 $89,900 $97,100 $104,300 $111,500 $118,700

After reviewing documentation of family composition, income and assets, the PHA will look at landlord references, court records, & police records (5 year look back).

They may also check character references or conduct home visits.



When an appropriate unit becomes available, you will be notified.

Read more about the application, waiting list, and selection process on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.