The PHA's Public Housing Waiting Lists for 0 bedroom (Age 50+), 1 bedroom (62+ or disabled), and 2-7 bedroom (general occupancy) are now open. Apply at

Beginning in March of 2020, all applications to PHA Public Housing must be made online. When the wait list is open, applications that are faxed, mailed, emailed or hand-delivered are no longer accepted. During times when the PHA Public Housing is accepting applications, those requiring a reasonable accommodation for the application process would contact the PHA at 401-751-6400 or via email at

Upon submission of an application, applicants are informed of their approximate waiting period.  Throughout the waiting period, we ask that you provide updates to your contact information, as needed, by emailing

Transfer List – To inquire about your place on the transfer list, please contact your Management Office or email using the subject line: Transfer List.

Estimates for units depending on bedroom size and development as well as links to the proper waiting lists:

Waiting List Check

Enter your last name and date of birth below to check your status on the waiting list.

If your name does not appear with your place on the list, please contact our Tenant Selection Department at 401-709-1300.

Bedroom Size, Approximate Waiting Period

Studio (elderly/disabled only): 2-3 years

One Bedroom (elderly/disabled only): 3-4 years

Two Bedroom (elderly/disabled only): 5-7 years

One to Seven bedroom (family developments): 8-10 years depending on bedroom size

*Waiting periods are subject to change