Supportive Services

PHA Resident Service Coordinators help residents access the services they need. To contact your Resident Services Coordinator, find the appropriate Resident Service Coordinator based on your location, and click the email link.

Resident Coordinators

PHA Resident Service Coordinators and Support Specialists help residents access the services they need. To contact your Resident Service Coordinator, find the appropriate coordinator based on your location and click the email link.

Bartola Ovalles

Lead Resident Services Coordinator – Carroll Tower, Dexter Manor, and Dominica Manor

Jose Luis Suazo

Resident Services Coordinator – Hartford Park Tower, Kilmartin Plaza, and Parenti Villa

Katherine Arias

Resident Services Coordinator – Chad Brown/Admiral Terrace/Sunset Village, Codding Court/Roger Williams

Mary Guilloty

Resident Services Manager – Hartford Park Family

Hilda Castillo

Resident Services Coordinator – Manton Heights

Resident Programs

Employment Services

The Employment Case Managers provide one-on-one career counseling to get you started on the right path to your career. as well as Additionally, PHA residents can receive job search and job placement assistance provided by the Workforce Development Coordinator to PHA residents. In addition, PHA residents can participate in, essential Skills Workshops that are offered several times a year to prepares residents with valuable work readiness skills, including resume and cover letter preparation, interviewing techniques, workplace etiquette, and strategies for job retention.

Youth Employment


If you are looking new to starting a career or getting back in school, our Employment Case Managers can help you set goals and find the resources you need to succeed. We have year-round paid work experience opportunities for youth between 16-24 years old.


For more information on our employment services, please contact our Employment Case Managers, Arlene Fermin, at (401) 709-2206 or Kathy Morel, at (401) 709-2210. Hablan Español


Once a year, the PHA hosts a Community Job Fair to bring together job seekers, training partners, and employers. If you are a local employer that is looking to recruit please contact or Workforce Development Coordinator, Jennifer Perez at (401) 709-6402 or


Job Training


The PHA partners with local service providers to offer a variety of job training opportunities throughout the year. For information on current or upcoming training opportunities, call 401-709-6402.

Let PHA help you to be well. For more information contact one of our specialist:


Melissa DeRosa, VOCA Community Safety Coordinator at (401) 709-2820, Eu falo português

Julia Silva, VOCA Community Safety Coordinator at (401) 401-270-7254 Habla Español, Português, ASL


Shirley Aurajo, Community Health Worker at (401)-709-2210

Financial Literacy



Based on the completion of When a comprehensive Combined Financial Assessment is completed, our Financial Coach works with residents to develop an action plan to guide them in planning for their financial future and in resolving financial issues (i.e. establishing or repairing/improving credit scores; reducing credit card debt, etc.) and building assets (saving money or purchasing a home). The Coach also educates clients around budgeting, debt consolidation, bankruptcy and basic banking practices.



As a certified HUD Housing Counseling Agency, the PHA offers homeownership counseling services.


The PHA also assists both Public Housing and Section 8 participants with Homeownership which allows qualifying Section 8 residents to use their voucher as a form of mortgage payment assistance.


For more information contact our bilingual certified HUD Homeownership Counselor Reinaldo Gonzalez at (401) 709-6413. (Insert Reinaldo’s picture)


The PHA, in partnership with other local agencies, offers the following Program.:

• GED Preparation (English & Spanish)
• National External Diploma Program (NEDP)
• GED Testing
• English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
• Digital Literacy
• Employment Skills Training (EST)

As part of a consortium with the PHA, the Genesis Center offers classes to residents and participants of PHA programming.


For more information or to enroll in a class call Arlene Fermin, at (401) 709-2206 or Kathy Morel, at (401) 709-2210. Hablan Español


English Classes for Speakers of Other Languages


Clases de inglés para hablantes de otros idiomas