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The Providence Housing Authority (PHA) Housing Choice Voucher (HCV or “Section 8”) opened its wait list through the Centralized Wait List portal beginning on June 6th, 2019. The application will remain open until further notice.

Central Wait List Portal Online

If you have an existing application with the PHA’s program already, your application was automatically added to the centralized wait list portal based on the date and time you completed your paper application. If you are a new applicant, you will need to log in or create an account to add yourself to Providence’s list (and many others!).

Already on the PHA’s wait list OR have an existing account in the portal? Do NOT submit a new application. Duplicated applications will not be accepted. If you cannot remember your log in credentials or need further assistance with logging in to the site, contact 844-459-3600 or email

Applications must be submitted online. Applications will NOT be accepted in person, by fax, email, etc. If you need assistance with your online application, please call 2-1-1.

Public Notice

Opening of the PHA Housing Choice Voucher Program Waiting List through the Centralized Waiting List Portal.

The Providence Housing Authority (PHA) is pleased to announce it has joined the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP) Centralized Wait List Portal. The PHA’s waiting list will open June 6, 2019 at 12:00 a.m. and will remain open until further notice. Applications must be completed and submitted electronically through the Centralized Wait List online application portal, accessible at

The electronic application portal is the sole method of submitting an application. Applications that are mailed, faxed, emailed, or hand delivered will not be processed. Applicants requiring assistance completing an application or accessing your account may contact the Contract Administrator, Rhode Island Housing, at 844-459-3600 or via email at To request a reasonable accommodation in order to complete an application, please call 401-457-1288. Applicants may also contact Rhode Island housing via TTY at 401-450-1394.

To be determined “conditionally eligible” and placed on one or more waiting lists, applicants must fall within the annual income limits for their household size. Applicants will be placed on the waiting list based on the date and time that they apply, and any selection preferences established by the housing authority.

Existing applicants who applied to other waiting lists through the portal may submit an application to the Providence Housing Authority’s list using their existing account at Do not submit a new application; duplicate applications will be automatically rejected. If you need assistance accessing your account, please contact RI Housing at 844-459-3600 or via email at

The PHA will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, creed, nationality or ethnic origin, age, family or marital status, sexual orientation, handicap or disability, nor deny any family or individual the opportunity to apply for, or receive assistance under the HCVP.

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Need Assistance?

If you need assistance completing your online application, please call 2-1-1.  You can also meet a 2-1-1 specialist out in the community or chat directly with a specialist online.  Visit the 2-1-1 website to learn more.

Amos House was also available on Tuesday, June 11th to assist with Section 8 waiting list applications at their 460 Pine Street office in Providence.

Learn More about PHA’s Rental Assistance

Learn more about Providence’s rental assistance program here.

Note: Applications submitted starting on June 6th, 2019 will be added to our existing wait list. Depending on if you meet any of our preferences, applicants may be on our wait list for many years before receiving rental assistance.


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