Public Housing Tenants: A New Easier Way to Pay Your Rent with Cash

Dear residents,

PHA is offering an easy, safe, and effective way to pay your rent in cash. Click here for more information.

Simply request from your management office a printout with the following information:

  • Your name
  • The RentPayment account number which PHA has specifically assigned to you.
  • The address to the nearest Moneygram location

Once you receive the printout form, go to the nearest Moneygram location as provided in the form. Present the form and give the cash payment to the Moneygram representative including a fee charge of $3.50. Please don’t forget to ask for a receipt and tracking information.

This payment option is safer and more effective than purchasing a money order because it reduces the risk of you losing the money order and the time and effort it takes to write out the necessary information and mailing it.

Thank you.

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