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PHA posts Annual Plan and Capital Fund Budget for Public Review; Hearing on March 20

The Providence Housing Authority (PHA) will conduct a public comment period for the FY 2023 Annual Plan and FY 2022 Capital Fund Final Rule beginning on February 3, 2023 and ending on March 20, 2023. All of these documents are available for viewing below.

Click here to view the Annual Plan

including a request for renewal of the elderly-only Designated Housing Plan for Carroll Tower and Dominica Manor (p. 62), proposed updates to several chapters of the Public Housing Admissions and Continued Occupancy Plan (p.64), updates to all chapters of the Section 8 Administrative Plan (p.331), and the PHA’s Security Plan (p.20).

Click here to view the 2024-2027 Capital Fund Program plan and the 2023 Capital Fund Annual Statement

Members of the public may receive written copies of these documents by contacting Michelle Booth at (401) 270-1478 or by email at Please send written comments to:

Providence Housing Authority, Office of Strategy and Development

Attn: PHA Annual Plan and Capital Fund Final Rule Comments

100 Broad Street, Providence, RI 02903

A Public Hearing will be conducted virtually using Zoom and scheduled for the following date and time:

Monday, March 20, 2023 at 10:00 AM

Zoom Meeting ID: 874 4757 7037,  Passcode: 859230

By Phone – Dial 1-305-224-1968, then enter Zoom meeting ID 874 4757 7037 and passcode 859230

PHA residents, Housing Choice Voucher participants and the general public are invited to attend and provide comments at the virtual public hearing and/or submit written comments during the public comment period. If you require translation, sign language interpretation or other accommodations to be able to participate in the public comment period or public hearing, please call Angie Osorio at (401) 709-3344 or email Please use the AT&T Relay Service for TTY.Related: aveda vs pureology, what mobility aid is right for me quiz, michigan probation telephone reporting number, gbv case worker responsibilities, johns hopkins mushroom study dosage, rhodes college swimming, cost of building a house in cameroon, similarities between natural science and humanities, sims 4 rockstar career mod, klotzbach funeral home, air national guard deployment schedule, mark steines net worth, lauralee bell eye, rosemary clooney george clooney relationship, glenda trisha yearwood friend,Related: should i clean dried blood off stitches, morrisons canning town, narcissist introduces new supply to family, woodlands hotel dundee menu, wimberly funeral home obituaries, largest transfer of wealth covid, craigslist houses for rent silverton oregon, 7 little johnstons bad news, mylacounty paystub viewer, brains beer merchandise, ingratiating sense of humor, bobby banas down and out in beverly hills, how do i get my taks test scores, 107th infantry museum, braxton burmeister father,Related: , spaghetti vongole rick stein, honeyberry companion plants, jeep patriot cvt transmission overheating, david feldman boxing net worth, can you travel to belize with a dui, leap of faith water slide accident, fubar 2 box office earning, valencia florida homes, rainfall prediction using r, bp graduate program interview, karen khachanov outfit, paul oakenfold family, who makes anita manning’s hats, boat dock for sale on cherokee lake,Related: , truck driver crashes into bridge texas, porque felipe fue arrebatado, homes for rent in cureton, waxhaw, nc, the picnic cafe recipes, texas regional bank board of directors, hillsdale college final exam schedule spring 2022, patio homes for sale liberty, mo, does tony shalhoub play the piano, thizzkid packing lines, virginia tech alumni directory, richard madden cara madden, santo daime church uk, sally fleetwood mousehole, leftys cheesesteak calories,Related: is nigel slater still married, katie hall age, cecil fielder kidney transplant, richard muller obituary, what is ego disintegration quizlet, hyundai tucson lane assist turn off, san diego federal indictments 2021, coopers pond bergenfield events, sean o se han significado, what is a good hmh growth measure reading score, nicknames for tammy, why wasn’t chris elliott in the schitt’s creek special, fher olvera wife, greeneville greene devils football schedule, ocean landings resort owners and friends group,Related: peanut butter and karo syrup recipes, st vincent epworth crossing lab hours, stellar healthcare jobs, whadjuk noongar welcome to country, united methodist church membership since 1960, why does gyomei not have a sword, garrison elementary school calendar, duke of hamilton wedding, fatal accident in apple valley, ca, sandwell council parking fines contact number, writers branding complaints, formula rossa accident, james shaffer obituary salina ks, used gun cabinet with glass doors, coach house for rent in dupage county,Related: powerteam international pyramid scheme, jos a bank different suit collections, reusable stickers for aluminum body vehicles, is the i dream of jeannie house still standing, how did echo die in jurassic world, beth lenox barry, get 401 unauthorized error when calling web api c#, winterfest christian concert 2022, who did john wayne copy his walk from, is deirdre bolton related to john bolton, jack steward is he married, build on your land greenville sc, whole foods chicken scallopini cooking instructions, is excessive climbing a sign of autism, paul guilfoyle kimberly guilfoyle related,

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