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PHA Hosting High-Rise Fire Safety and Prevention Events throughout November

According to the National Fire Department Registry, there were 2 home fire fatalities reported in Rhode Island throughout 2017 – seemingly outlining little need for fire safety and prevention at the PHA.  Only 2.7% of all calls for service in RI were related to fire in 2017, which was lower than the national average of 4.5%.  While fires are rare, when they do strike, their impact can be great, displacing entire buildings within minutes.

Local Incident Sparks Interest

Providence Fire Department responds to a fire alarm at Dexter Manor, 100 Broad Street in Providence.
Photo courtesy of WJAR / Turn to Ten.

On September 28, 2018 the Providence Fire Department responded to a fire on the 6th floor of Dexter Manor, one of the PHA’s elderly/disabled high-rises.  One tenant experienced minor injuries but the event disrupted residents across the complex and at the Providence Housing Authority’s (PHA) administrative offices (read more here: Turn to Ten coverage, Providence Journal coverage).

Fire safety and prevention is one of the most important issues facing tenants today.  To educate residents and provide additional information about fire safety, the PHA has partnered with the Providence Fire Department to host Fire Safety events at our elderly high rises throughout the month of November.

Calendar of Fire Safety Training Events

The free training events will include a presentation by the Providence Fire Department, a hot dog roast, and raffles.  Residents are encouraged to bring their questions and be prepared to have some fun.


Date Time

Carroll Tower

243 Smith Street

November 7, 2018


1:00 pm

Dexter Manor

100 Broad Street

November 8, 2018


1:00 pm

Hartford Park Tower

335 Hartford Avenue

November 14, 2018


1:00 pm

Kilmartin Plaza

160 Benedict Street

November 19, 2018


1:00 pm

Parenti Villa

25 Tobey Street

November 20, 2018


1:00 pm

Dominica Manor

100 Atwells Avenue

November 21, 2018


1:00 pm

Sunset Village

285 Chad Brown Street

November 26, 2018


1:00 pm


High-Rise Fire Safety Tips

Even if you don’t live in one of the PHA’s elderly/disabled high rises, you can still follow these helpful fire safety tips from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and FirstService Residential.

  1. Locate your exits – Know the location of all exits on your floor, in case the nearest one is blocked by smoke or fire.
  2. Know your alarms – understand the location of your building’s fire alarms and how to use them in an emergency.
  3. Prevent fires in your home – don’t leave food on the stove unattended and unplug appliances (such as toasters or coffee pots) when not in use. Always blow out candles before leaving a room and be mindful of pets around flames or electricity.
  4. Close it up – Close the fire doors in your hallways. If they are left propped open for any reason, shut them.  This will slow and/or stop the spread of a fire and smoke throughout the building.
  5. Shelter in place – The PHA’s evacuation plan for the high-rise developments includes sheltering in place or staying in your unit unless otherwise instructed. For low-rise, duplex, and standalone units, shelter in place during a fire may not always be the best option depending on the construction of the home. In that case, make sure to evacuate safely.  If smoke is entering your apartment, stuff wet towels or sheets around the door and vents to keep smoke out.
  6. Elevators – if you are asked to evacuate, do not use elevators. Leave the building by the fastest route of unobstructed stairs.
  7. Pets – If you have a pet, keep a leash or crate by the door for easy evacuation and make sure your animal has a tag or microchip to identify them in case you are separated.

Special Needs Emergency Registry

Did you know that the Rhode Island Department of Health hosts a special needs registry that notifies first responders of your location in the event of an emergency?  The Registry focuses on households with:

  • Life support systems such as oxygen, respirators, ventilators, dialysis, pacemakers, or who are insulin dependent;
  • Mobility disabilities and use a wheelchair, scooter, walker, cane, or other device to get around;
  • Visual or hearing impairments;
  • Speech, cogitative, developmental, or mental health disabilities; or
  • Assistive animals or prosthetics.

Once you are enrolled in the registry (click here to sign up online), local and state first responders and emergency management personnel are notified.  Your information is confidential and only accessed in the case of an emergency or to ensure your well-being.

More information

To learn more about the High-Rise Fire Safety Events hosted by the PHA, please reach out to Lisa Castellanos at 401-709-1134 or via email at

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