PHA Has Drafted A New Lease For Review!

The PHA has developed a new draft lease for tenants that incorporates recent changes to our Admissions and Continued Occupancy Plan (ACOP)

Click Here To Review in English:  PHA PH Lease 5.24.21 – English only
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The proposed lease is available for review at the management office. PHA is accepting comments for 30 days and will consider any comments, before implementing a final version.

Please send your comment via mail, email, or through your management office by June 30th to:

Michelle Rocchio, Providence Housing Authority
50 Laurel Hill Avenue
Providence, RI 02909

Once a new lease is adopted, PHA will require all existing tenants to sign the new lease

to replace your old lease.

Summary of Key Changes to the Public Housing Lease


Section D.5 – Rental Agreements – Gives PHA broader discretion to accept payment agreements when necessary.

Section G – Damage and Repair – Damage charges will be due in 30 days.

Section H.1– Vacating the apartment – Tenants must give 60 days notice to vacate in the first year of tenancy and 30 days after the first year. This section explains what rent tenant may be required to pay if tenant does not provide proper notice. This is also addressed and updated in Section P2.
Section H2 – Charges for Late Payments.- Changes the date at which late fees will be imposed. PHA previously imposed a $10 late fee if rent was not paid by the 20th of the month – the fee would now apply after the 15th of the month. The amount of the fee is unchanged.

Section I2 – Dwelling size – For mandatory transfers, tenants will have seven days to move but can request an additional seven days if needed to schedule a moving company. For optional transfers, tenants must accept or reject an offer within 10 days.

Section J1 – Guests and Visitors – The old lease required written permission only for guests staying 5 nights or more. In the new lease, a specific guest will be limited to 14 days total in a year and for no more than 7 days at a time. All guests staying more than 3 nights shall require written permission.

Section J3 – Business Activities- Any legal business activities conducted by tenants in their unit must not disturb the peaceful enjoyment of other tenants.

Section L – Tenant Obligations
– Tenants are obligated under the lease to comply with all reasonable PHA rules, regulations and policies (L12)
–  Tenants may not use fire pits, bounce houses, slip and slides, trampolines and pools on PHA property (L21)
– Tenants may not connect extension cords from one unit to another and must follow safety protocols for all electric appliances. (L28)
– Parking – The new lease incorporates all current rules. Tenants must leave a car key with a family member or someone on premises when leaving town so car can be moved in case of emergency. (L29)

Section P.6 – Terminations – Tenants may face termination of the lease based on criminal activity and other provisions in this section. This section also includes a new reference to the PHA’s Over Income Policy (P.6.j) which was established under a HUD mandate and impacts tenants with family incomes above 120 percent of Area Median Income (currently, $104,400 for a family of three).

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