PHA has been designated as a High Performer on the Public Housing Assessment System

The Providence Housing Authority (PHA) is pleased to share that it has been designated as a High Performer on the Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS) conducted annually by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). HUD’s PHAS rating system measures performance and defines acceptable public housing standards for key areas of public housing management.

The PHAS rating system is based on four major indicators: physical condition, financial condition, management operations and capital funds. The PHA scored 33 out of 40 points for its physical condition. The PHA scored 24 out of 25 for its financial condition and management operations demonstrating continuous improvement in these categories. In the area of capital funds, the PHA scored a perfect 10 out of 10 points. The 91 out of 100 score reflects the PHA’s ability to maintain a high occupancy rate and the efficient timeliness of its fund obligations.

The PHA has been working tirelessly since 2013 to re-gain this high performer status. Overall, the PHA is pleased with its high performer ranking and looks forward to continuing its ascension of the PHAS rating scale. The Executive Director, Paul J. Tavares stated that “This score and designation as a high performing housing agency is a tribute to the dedication and hard work of the PHA community which consists of the PHA staff, Board of Commissioners and active residents. The score demonstrates that working together for a common good can produce very positive results.”

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