PHA Visitor Policy updated for vendors, partners and others who enter PHA buildings in light of COVID-19.

The Providence Housing Authority (PHA) has updated its Visitor Policy for vendors, partners, and others entering PHA buildings in light of health risks associated with COVID-19. The Policy is only one of the many ways the PHA is working to protect residents, participants, partners, and staff during this pandemic.
Updated October 20, 2020

Background on Visitor Policy

The Providence Housing Authority (PHA) takes seriously its responsibility to protect the safety and well being of all its tenants, and the COVID-19 pandemic has created substantial challenges for the agency in this area. In particular, the agency has been concerned with its high-rise buildings, which together hold more than 1,100 units of housing in close proximity, where residents share building entrances, hallways and elevators and social distancing is a challenge. In addition, the high-rise buildings tend to house some of those at highest risk for COVID-19 – two are open exclusively to elderly tenants, and the other four house elderly as well as younger adults with disabilities.

The PHA has posted signs, banners and put forward other communications to tenants since April of 2020 stating clearly that visitors to high rise buildings are limited to deliveries of food or medicine, medical care, and wellness checks and that other visitors are prohibited at this time. The PHA has continued to remind high rise tenants of this policy and to make sure tenants understand that the various stages of “reopening” at the state level have not negated the need to continue extraordinary safety measures at the high rise buildings.

PHA has invested substantial resources – as of July 31, 2020, hundreds of thousands of dollars – in new COVID-19 vendors to better ensure the safety of high rise tenants, including a vendor to sanitize high touch areas of the buildings twice a day, seven days a week, and a vendor to expand the PHA’s security footprint, in part to help ensure compliance with policies outlined below.

While family developments are different in their setup in terms of having less density among apartments, far fewer units per building, and no shared elevators, family development tenants have still been reminded of safety protocols that are necessary to protect the safety of themselves and their communities as well.

1.0 Visitors to high rises and some family development buildings

2.0 Limits on non-residents who have COVID-19 symptoms or other potential risks

3.0 Political campaigning at High Rise developments – As a general rule, PHA is asking candidates and their volunteers to avoid any campaign activities at or around PHA high rise developments.

That being said, we understand that candidates may not have phone numbers for PHA resident voters and may have no other means to contact those voters other than at the building. While PHA prefers that candidates conduct no campaigning at or around the buildings whatsoever, it is putting in place this requirement for those who feel they must do so. In this policy, the term “high rise” will not solely apply to high rise buildings but also any family development building as noted in Section 1.2 above which has shared hallways, entrances, or stairwells.

4.0 Policy for PHA Vendors Conducting Work in a High Rise Building

Questions about the visitor policy

Please direct all questions about the PHA’s Visitor Policy to To learn more about the PHA’s response to COVID-19, view our Coronavirus Updates.