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Financial Opportunity Center & Homeownership

Financial Opportunity Center (FOC)

Financial Opportunity Center (FOC)

The PHA’s Financial Opportunity Center (FOC) assists low-income families to become financially stable by bundling three key service areas under one roof at the PHA’s Resident Services Department (50 Laurel Hill Avenue):

ONE-ON-ONE FINANCIAL COACHING – Based on the completion of a Combined Financial Assessment, our Financial Coach works with FOC participants to develop an action plan to guide them in resolving financial issues (i.e. establishing or repairing/improving credit scores; reducing credit card debt, etc.) and building assets (saving money or purchasing a home). The Coach also educates clients around budgeting, debt consolidation, bankruptcy and basic banking practices.

INCOME SUPPORTS COUNSELING – An Income Supports Specialist screens FOC participants for public benefits eligibility and helps them look for other income supports that might reduce their monthly expenses.

EMPLOYMENT SUPPORTS – The Employment Workforce Education Specialist provides one-on-one career counseling as well as job search and job placement assistance to FOC participants. An Employment Skills Training offered several times a year prepares clients with valuable work readiness skills including resume and cover letter preparation, interviewing techniques, work place etiquette and strategies for job retention. Once a year, the FOC hosts a Community Job Fair to bring together job seekers, training partners, and employers.


Josselyn Velasquez-Florian,
Workforce Education & Employment Specialist
ext. 6412


Monah Rhodes
Financial Coach/Homeownership Coordinator
ext. 6413

Homeownership Services

As a certified HUD Housing Counseling Agency, the PHA offers homeownership counseling services at the FOC.

The PHA also manages the Section 8 Homeownership Program which allows qualifying Section 8 residents to use their voucher as a form of mortgage payment assistance.

For more information contact Monah Rhodes at (401) 709-6413.

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