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Elderly & Disabled Programs & Events

Elderly & Disabled Programs

Elderly & Disabled Programs and Events

The PHA provides information and support services to elderly and disabled individuals residing in its high-rise developments.

CASE MANAGEMENT – Resident Service Coordinators are available to assess the needs of elderly and/or disabled residents and to connect them to available services in the community. As case managers, RSCs provide program and service information, counseling, crisis intervention and referrals. Click here to find the RSC for each development.

HEALTH & WELLNESS – The RSC’s collaborate with health service providers from the community to schedule onsite health screenings and health education workshops on a variety of health topics of interest to residents. See the Events Calendar for each development for information about upcoming health related programming.

ESL & COMPUTER CLASSES – Ongoing ESL and basic computer literacy classes are available to residents in the high-rise developments. Computer labs are also open for resident use on a drop-in basis. See the Events Calendar for each development for details concerning classes and open lab hours.

SOCIAL EVENTS – Each month RSCs coordinate a variety of activities and special events to engage residents living in our high-rise developments. See the Events Calendar for each development for up to date information on social events and activities.

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