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The Providence Housing Authority is the largest affordable housing landlord in the State of Rhode Island. We own and manage a portfolio of 2,600 public housing units within Providence and administer another 2,700 rental assistance vouchers to tenants on the private market. In addition to property management, we manage our facilities in-house and provide critical resident services while coordinating with outside partners to insure those we serve maintain successful tenancy.  This experience provides a unique perspective on the market and an expertise that we hope to share with landlord partners throughout the communities we serve.

Technical Assistance for Landlords

As part of on-going efforts to share knowledge from both our agency and other experts in the field, the PHA has organized a series of technical assistance programs and articles, available online. Offerings include.

  • SAFE Harbor Program

    Rental assistance for Rhode Islanders impacted by the COVID pandemic.  Tenants and/or Landlords can apply on behalf of tenants behind on rent due to COVID-19.  The PHA can now help you apply!  Contact our Accessing Home Coordinator at 401-270-1457 to learn more.

  • Self-Help Evictions in RI

RI’s Attorney General’s guidance on self-help evictions, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and eviction moratorium.

Pandemic information on the eviction moratorium under the CARES Act in place until July 25, 2020 and information provided to participants regarding payment of rent during COVID-19.

  • CDC’s Eviction Moratorium

The U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC)  implemented an Eviction Moratorium halting eviction proceedings of “covered persons for nonpayment” into 2021 (effective September 4, 2020, through December 31, 2020).For more information on the moratorium, view the CDC’s Frequently Asked Question page.  To qualify, a tenant provides the Declaration Form stating they meet the following criteria:

(1) The individual has used best efforts to obtain all available government assistance for
rent or housing;
(2) The individual either (i) expects to earn no more than $99,000 in annual income for
Calendar Year 2020 (or no more than $198,000 if filing a joint tax return), (ii) was not
required to report any income in 2019 to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, or (iii)
received an Economic Impact Payment (stimulus check) pursuant to Section 2201 of the
(3) The individual is unable to pay the full rent or make a full housing payment due to
substantial loss of household income, loss of compensable hours of work or wages, a
lay-off, or extraordinary out-of-pocket medical expenses;
(4) The individual is using best efforts to make timely partial payments that are as close to
the full payment as the individual’s circumstances may permit, taking into account other
nondiscretionary expenses; and
(5) Eviction would likely render the individual homeless— or force the individual to move
into and live in close quarters in a new congregate or shared living setting—because the
individual has no other available housing options.

Online Webinars – FREE Live Sessions!

Landlord webinars updated

For Owners/Agents that are looking to be successful Landlords. The PHA will cover the basics of working with the PHA’s Section 8 program including the rights, roles, and responsibilities of landlords, participants, and the PHA team. Geared towards all landlords, these sessions cover the basics your lease should include in order to successfully manage your property in general and your PHA/Landlord/Tenant relationship.

Attorney Michael D. Crane will cover basics of Rhode Island’s Landlord Tenant Laws and HUD regulations regarding reasonable accommodation requests. From meeting and vetting prospective tenants (“I have a service animal – his name is Murphy the Turkey. My turkey provides emotional support so you have to lease to me or you are discriminating against people with disabilities and turkeys!”) to adjusting your policies as they arise (“I have a medical marijuana license, so I can smoke in my unit now, right?”), this session will cover all the basics to help you follow the law.

This workshop will dispel some of the myths around Section 8, talk you through the program requirements, and how you can increase your pool of qualified applicants when you have a vacancy.  Learn more about how to access guaranteed monthly payments with Section 8 and how you can become part of the solution to RI’s housing crisis. 

Learn about how pass a Section 8 inspection every time!  This session discusses common fail items and the basics of the minimum Housing Quality Standards (what Section 8 standards defer to – and which often align with Minimum Property Code Standards).  We will also talk about unit repairs, preventative maintenance, and energy efficiencies as well as resources available to help you make updates for little to no cost out of pocket.

Download Event Materials.  Check back often, as offerings change and new resources are added frequently!

Leasing to a PHA Participant

There are a lot of benefits to leasing to a PHA participant but we know that navigating the lingo and the process may seem daunting.  We assure you, it sounds more complicated than it is!  Click here to learn more about the different types of PHA voucher programs along with step-by-step details about the process of becoming a PHA landlord partner.

Landlord Incentives

Neighborhoods of OpportunityThe PHA is currently looking for landlord partners.  Incentives to participate in the program by leasing to our voucher holders include:

  • $500 BONUSES – thanks to grant funding from Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI, the PHA is able to offer special landlord incentives for a LIMITED time!  Bonus funds will be awarded to landlords who…
  • Online landlord portal to manage payments, listings, communicate with the PHA, view documents, etc.
  • Consistent monthly direct deposits of rental payments into your account.
  • Training and how to’s offered regularly by our staff and partners who are experts in their respective fields.

For additional information on how to apply for our inventive programs, please call our Accessing HOME Coordinator, Caroline Holguin at 401-270-1457 or email her at

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