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The Providence Housing Authority includes ten departments that manage various aspects of the PHA’s work. Below, please find a brief description of each department.

Human Resources Department

Effective Human Resource management involves a strategic and comprehensive approach to managing people, the workplace culture, and the office environment. The Human Resources Director works to create an environment where employees feel empowered to contribute effectively and productively to accomplish the organization’s goals and objectives.

Information Technology Office

The Information Technology (IT) Office is an essential part of the Providence Housing Authority’s everyday functions. IT provides hardware/software support regarding connection or operational problems for phones, faxes, printers, scanners, gas lines, elevators, door entry systems, computers, internal and external e-mails and computer labs.

Security Operations Office

The Providence Police Department’s Public Housing Unit (PHU) and the PHA’s Security Force form the Police & Security Services Unit. The Police & Security Services Unit has the responsibility of fulfilling the safety element of the agency’s mission to develop and maintain decent, safe, and sanitary housing, and to address the economic and social needs of the residents.

Leased Housing Department

The Leased Housing Department administers the PHA’s federal Section 8 program and several other rental assistance programs. The department’s primary responsibilities include: maintaining the waiting lists, screening applicants and transfers, educating participants and owners, processing new leases, and conducting inspections.

Facilities Management Department

The Facilities Management Department (FM) is responsible for day to day maintenance of all the Authority’s housing developments. FM provides building and grounds maintenance, along with twenty-four hour, seven day a week “on call” maintenance services for the Authority’s properties. FM is also responsible for the day-to-day administration of the department, including performing routine and planned maintenance of the units, operation of the computerized work order system, the dispatch office and administration of the required annual inspection of each of the 2,606 apartments in the Authority’s housing inventory.

Office of General Counsel

The Office of General Counsel assists the Authority in carrying out its Policies and Rules and in complying with Federal, State and City laws, regulations, ordinances and Court Orders and serves as its point of contact for public record requests. The Office also assists in contract and insurance matters, claims adjusting and defense, and in work carried out by outside representatives.

Office of Strategy & Development

The Office of Strategy & Development is a unique and multi-functional office with a purview that encompasses multiple areas: project development and management, resident relations, resource development, and policy creation and implementation. Funding opportunities, policies, and programs are pursued, coordinated and implemented by this Department to encourage positive community engagement.

Property Management & Tenant Selection Department

The Property Management Department in conjunction with Tenant Selection is responsible for the supervision of the PHA’s developments and public housing wait lists in accordance with HUD regulations and the PHA’s admission policies. Application intake, processing applications, and applicant screening are all subsequent functions of Tenant Selection.

Resident Services Department

The Resident Services Department focuses on the collaboration of community partnerships as a means of enhancing the number and variety of programs and services available to address the educational, economic, social service and healthcare needs of the PHA’s residents.

Finance, Accounting and Budgeting Department

The Department of Finance, Accounting and Budgeting functions include processing, analyzing and timely reporting of all financial activity for the PHA.

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